How To Download vShare App For Android & PC – No Jailbreak

Have you ever used vShare for your device? Are you using iOS? Do you want to download vShare for Android also?


Download vShare For Android & PC

Ok, then. If you are here you know about vShare & I don’t need to explain what it is.

As Apple is very tight around the net for its iOS environment, that’s why the app is not available on Play Store for Android.

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What Is vShare?

vShare is a pirated app store for iOS devices for non-jailbroken mobiles. It is same just like the app for Android Black Market“. It’s for the users who don’t want to jailbreak but still want to download pirated apps for their iOS devices.

Especially, Paid Apps.

The developers found a bug in their store security which allows them to create many fake/pirated apps.

Is Jailbreak Illegal?

This thought has come to many minds.  But the truth is “Jailbreak is not illegal”. According to the company, it’s not illegal. Look at the image below.

jailbreak is not illegal
Source: Wikipedia

It is clear from the image above that Jailbreak is not illegal. The users who want to play with their devices can jailbreak it, otherwise, it’s ok.

How To Download vShare For Android

Now, you must have thought that it is not available on Play Store, then how to download vShare for android?

Yeah!! Ok.

But there are many apps which cannot be found on Play Store including some Google Apps also.

But there is always a way to do everything.

For Android Users:

There is no need to go for any steps, just click here to download vShare app for android.

For PC Users:
  1. Go to this URL by clicking here.
  2. The download will start automatically, save the tool where you want to download.
  3. Run the application as Administrator.
  4. Tap “One Key Installation” or use “Custom Installation” to give your own directory & tap “Install Now“.
  5. Wait for installation to finish & tap “Try It Now
  6. Now, it’ll ask you to connect your devices, iPhone/iPad etc.
  7. Connect & authorize the devices. You are ready for the blast.

You are done.

Now you can browse the vShare on your PC & can download the apps you want.

Hope you did it successfully, comment your problem if occurs during the procedure & Share It With Your Friends!!

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